5 best beaches of Aruba

On any beach in Aruba a perfect postcard of paradise can be achieved: clear turquoise waters, white-powder sand,  Divi Divi trees and high palm trees, spectacular sunsets. These spots of heaven include also amazing water sports facilities, great spots for relaxation, resort hotels, numerous places for dining and entertainment. Here are the 5 best beaches in Aruba. 

Palm Beach

This beach is the most popular among tourists due to the high-rise resort hotels which are stretched along the coastline. The numerous beach bars and restaurants, piers and shops have a great offer which can make an entire day on the beach pass in an instant.

Palm Beach is perfect for activities under the sun due to its white soft sand and calm waters. If you look for a perfect spot, go to Moomba where the palm trees bring shadow, the beach chairs are for free and snacks and drinks are served directly on the beach.

The facilities around the resorts make this location the hot spot also for nightlife. The choice is very spread so even the pickiest persons can find something they might like: clubs, casinos, cinema, theater, shopping malls opened till late, and souvenir kiosks. 

Eagle Beach

When you first lay eyes on this beach you can find it rather wild and pristine, however wait to dip your feet into the white soft sand. There are huts spread across the shoreline and the Divi Divi trees – famous for their leaned silhouette towards the Caribbean – offer welcomed protection from the constantly burning sun.

The beach strip offers a variety of spots: very peaceful locations, picnic areas, as well as camping facilities. Water sports gears and other beach water equipment can be rented from the several low-rise hotels which are located nearby. 

Arashi Beach

Aruba’s Northern end is famous for its California Lighthouse which offers a fabulous view over the coast and the island.

The Arashi beach lays within walking distance on a narrow strip which is favored for sunbathing and snorkeling due to its clear waters. On the shore, many beautiful shaped shells can be found which can be perfect souvenirs from the Caribbean.

Baby Beach

The beach is located in the Southern end of the island, quite isolated from the busting atmosphere of the high rise hotels. The beach can be reached only by car and from Oranjestad it can take approximately half hour depending on traffic.

As the sand is very soft and the water is not deep on the shoreline, this beach is family friendly (as the name of the beach also indicates it). The clear and clean waters make Baby Beach a perfect location for the snorkeling lovers but also for beginners.

Renaissance Beach

Owned by the hotel with the same name, this beach is located in Oranjestad and it is completed by a resort and a casino. There are many restaurants and stores in the proximity and walks at sunset cam create spectacular photo backgrounds.

On Renaissance Island – which is the only private beach in Aruba – a unique tropical experience is created by the flamingos which are peacefully walking around the beach chairs.

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