5 steps to overcome the post vacation blues

When back from vacation you have to deal with unpacking, laundry, loads of emails, etc. Need some help in keeping up the vacation blissfulness but still finding your way back to normal life? I know that you wish to have a vacation after the vacation. But when that is not possible, here you can find my 5 ways of overcoming the post vacation blues:

1. Do not come back during the weekend

Book your return on any day during the week. Apart from the fact that the flights might be cheaper, this is a simple trick which will make the return more manageable. You will feel that the week is passing by faster. Like this, the weekend will be just around the corner for you to recharge your batteries.

2. Unpack step by step

If unpacking is depressing, start taking out the items in phases. Best is to start with the remaining clean cloths and with the souvenirs – you might not want that beautiful cup from Rome or the magnet from Shanghai to break. Tomorrow is a better day to check all the stuff which need to go for laundry and in a couple of days you can finally put the suitcase back to where it belongs.

3. Bring some mementos to your workplace

Pin a postcard from your recent trip on the wall next to your desk, put a coaster on your table or bring that wonderful cup to the office for your morning coffee. While you get through the long list of emails, these small souvenirs will remind you of the peacefulness and energy level achieved on vacation.

4. Arrange and share vacation photos

Relive the wonders of your vacation by sharing stories with your friends and colleagues. What better way than showing a selection of the photos accompanying your adventurous stories? Spend some time in selecting and editing your hundreds of vacation photos. You will be able to easily share them on social media – YES, keep some photos to share for when you are back, this will make you feel that you are “extending” your holidays.

5. Plan the next vacation

The end of each trip is the beginning of planning a new one. Anticipating a new trip will easily remove the sadness of ending the most recent one. So plan a day trip in the upcoming month (you can get some inspiration for day trips) or a weekend gateway in the next three months. Your focus will move to new adventures and to discovering new places.

For me the above steps are helping in bouncing back fast post-vacation. What are your tricks and tips?  

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