Dresden is an impressive Baroque gem lined up on Elbe river. The city is the perfect day trip to Eastern Germany and its beautiful architecture will immediately take you by surprise. Here you have a list of things to do when you visit Dresden:


Attend the morning mass at Frauenkirche 

The imposing dome of the Frauenkirche is seen from almost all sides of the city. One of Dresden’s symbols, this beautiful Protestant church was destroyed during WW II and rebuilt in the 90s. Take a moment to look up and admire the stunning cupola and the breathtaking altar in Baroque style.

Visit the Royal Palace

Although the Royal Palace burnt down numerous times, nowadays it represents a museum complex for the Dresden State Art Collections. For an art lover, this place is heaven due to its impressive artifacts.

Do not miss

Historic Green Vault – Over 3,000 masterpieces comprising jewellery, objects made of amber and ivory, gemstone vessels, elegant bronze statuettes. The tickets to the Historic Green Vault  have to be booked in advance and you must pick a time slot. This is truly a vault where a limited number of people can enter.

The New Green Vault – This treasure chamber hosts, among others, the cherry stone with 185 faces. Also, you can see here the hat clasp decorated with the world’s largest natural green diamond. The entrance to the New Green Vault is included in the ticket purchased for the Historic Vault.

The courtyard – Although under renovation, the finished facades display impressive mural paintings in Renaissance-style.

Hausmann Tower – Climb the stairs of the Hausmann Tower which offers wonderful views of city and of Elbe River. The same ticket can be used.


Grab a meal in Neumarkt Square

The square is surrounded by Baroque gabled houses which have been rebuilt section by section. The new market brings back its old atmosphere through the perfect reconstruction of the original facades. There are restaurants and bars in all the corners of this square and they are good spots to admire the Frauenkirche.

Admire the Procession of Princes

On your way from Neumarkt to the square of the Royal Palace (Schlossplatz), walk along the Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes). This astonishing wall is lined up on 101 meters and it depicts the rulers of Saxony as riders. The beauty of the wall is created through 24,000 tiles of Meissen porcelain.

Relax in the gardens of the Zwinger Palace

My favorite Dresden spot, Zwinger is a complex of buildings in Baroque style which has been initially designed as an orangery. Nowadays, important exhibitions are held here. Though I didn’t have time to visit any of the museums, the Zwinger is hosting the Old Masters Picture Gallery, the Porcelain Collection and the Museum of Mathematics and Physics. Nevertheless, the amazing gardens will win your heart with the beautiful fountains and statues.


Stroll on Brühl’s Terrace

From Neumarkt, turn right into the square of the Royal Palace (Schlossplatz) and climb the stairs of this beautiful terrace. It is known as the “Balcony of Europe” and it lays down on Elbe’s river banks. From here you can take amazing photos of the Neustadt (across the river), the Elbe river, or the Altstadt (behind).

Close the evening at the Semper Opera House

The Semper Opera House is a prime example of Dresden Baroque style. It is now entirely reconstructed to its former glory. The Opera House hosted many premieres of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss. Also, it has a comprehensive calendar for ballet lovers.

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