One of Japan’s most photographed sights, you have to visit Arashiyama area for its bamboo groves, multiple shrines and temples, Zen gardens and breathtaking views over Kyoto.


  • Located 15-20 minutes from Kyoto with a local train
  • Arashiyama opens at 9 AM daily and is 10 minutes walking distance from the train station
  • Best time to visit: early morning / late afternoon in order to avoid the crowds
  • Be patient as it is very difficult to have a tourist-free moment to capture some amazing photos
  • The entrance to the bamboo groves is free, however the temples or the Okochi Sanso gardens have an entry fee

What to see

The Bamboo grove

This is the must-see place when you visit Arashiyama – a unique path through this bamboo grove which winds slowly uphill to the Okochi-Sanso villa. The tall and thick grove of bamboo give a special light and the photos captured here look amazing. If you catch a breeze of wind, stand still and listen to the bamboo sounds. Bamboo products can be found on the way to the train station and make the perfect souvenir for remembering this place.

Okochi Sanso Villa

Together with Kodai-ji temple, this is one of my favorite gardens in Kyoto. This villa and its gardens were created by an actor famous for his samurai movies. Here you can see amazing views of the Eastern side of Kyoto. On the estate there is a house as well as a teahouse – in the entry ticket they offer a postcard, a matcha green tea and a small cake.

Togetsukyo Bridge

The bridge is 155 meters long and its name literally means “Moon Crossing”. Togetsukyo Bridge offers an amazing view over the mountains surrounding the area. At the foot of the bridge there are several souvenir shops and traditional Japanese place to grab a snack.


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