Welcome to Before Monday

Hi there! My name is Andreea and I am a full-time worker for a multinational company. I have a big desire to discover the world, so I enjoy travelling whenever I have some free time – during public holidays, (long) weekends and days of vacation.

I created this travel blog for people like me who want to escape the work routine through travel. Before Monday is the place for busy people who do not have time to make a lot of (re)search in order to prepare their holidays. This is where I share my travel stories and tips, whereas on Instagram you can find my “on the go” inspiration and photography.

What do I do before Monday?

I spent the first part of my life in Romania where I discovered my country during the school breaks. Afterwards, I made Netherlands my second home, whereas currently I am working in Belgium which is my home away from home.

I have been travelling abroad alone since I was 18 and I am still enjoying the sole travelling. Nowadays, I sometimes travel with my friends and family or I visit old-time friends which I met across the world. My free time has always equaled to travel as I love to see the world (one country at a time), make new friends in different places, taste local cuisines.

This is exactly what gives me the boost and passion for my daily job and enhances my work-life balance. I hope these travel blog pages will be a source of inspiration and help for your trips as well.

Below you can see a selection of my favorite places which have inspired me during the years, a combination between cities and nature, culture and history.